Hi Neighbor,

My name is Mat Richter and I can repair pretty much anything in and around your home, and I will do it for a fair price. Like most people you have projects around your home that need attention, and often times those projects get set aside so that you can focus your energy on your priorities, like your family or your career. I understand that. Just because you haven’t tackled a project doesn’t mean that you are willing to pay an exuberant price to have it done. You just want it done so that you can move on to the important things in life. This is why I am here. I want to help you get the low priority yet still important items checked off of your ‘to-do’ list. Call or text me anytime so that we can get started.


Services & Pricing

Murrieta/Temecula Residents

  • First 1/2 hour is FREE
  • $25 per hour w/ NO MINIMUM
  • NO CHARGE for store runs

Weekly Specials

  • Hang ceiling fan - $100
  • Mount flat panel TV - $150
  • Replace water heater - $375
  • Seal stone countertops - $100
  • Lockset installation - $50
  • Prices are for on-site labor only

Why Handy Mat?

- Skilled Worker - Fair Prices - Courteous Service - Professional Demeanor